Online Presentation –

Having made (errmm, sorry!) & sat through innumerable tedious powerpoint shows I love these new ‘infinite canvas’ presentation platforms. The animation effects (still) appear new and interesting – but how long it remains interesting & not merely gimmicky remains to be seen.


For an online brochure, or a simple site these look promising tools.


A really nice guide for setting up django / Redis : both how, and why!

gunicorn awesome-ness

Python – and django – is unlikely to get to the ease of deployment of php (and look where that beguiling path leads 😉 ) but with fabric, github, git, git up, gunicorn, it’s pretty fab already.



bio-informatics & python

I’ve been diving into Python and bio-informatics recently: Of course, Python’s been significant in this field for ages, but seeing the number of new blogs on the topic, it seems that there’s a uptick in interest. Or it’s just a selective observer bias? Probably.

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bottle python framework

Bottle has been around a little while – finally I made some time to take a look at it. I like it’s simplicity! Easy to set up a quick template/database -driven site or prototype. Below – a short script that’s a python-driven template-enabled site. (taken directly from the documentation.

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Interesting python idioms

Python is an expressive language – and it’s interesting (and useful) to note how it’s used in clever ways. That’s ‘clever’ as in pythonic, not clever as in too-clever-by-half:

Debugging is twice as hard as writing the code in the first place. Therefore, if you write the code as cleverly as possible, you are, by definition, not smart enough to debug it

And so: here’s a few idioms that are clear, short, and ‘clever’, and that I’ll probably need to look up from time to time.

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IT Crowd in a capsule

Obviously you’re an IT Crowd fan, right?

Can’t wait for the next series!

Python roundup

heh. Title does not refer to an animal reserve culling it’s large snake population!

So not much of a round up really.

Project Honeypot

A nice idea: overload the email harvesters with emails from spammy domains. Project Honeypot does just this. Simply sign up, download a php script and put it on your site and link to it.

Even easier: get a ‘quick link‘ – perfect for dropping into a blog post. Like this.

Software Project Management Books

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